Protect Your Family’s Future With A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Are your affairs in order if something happens to you? Whether we like to think of it or not, having an estate plan in place for our loved ones is one of the best gifts we can give. At the Grosse Pointe Farms office of Bruce R. Nichols Attorney at Law, I can help you organize and document the numerous details needed to create a thorough estate plan that’s aligned with your financial intentions. With over 40 years of estate administration experience, I am vastly experienced with all aspects of estate planning and administration and can make this process go smoothly.

Developing A Thorough Estate Plan

Whether you require a new estate plan, need revisions to a current estate plan or want to address issues of the probate process of a loved one, I can advise you with helpful strategies and legitimate solutions. A comprehensive estate plan can include a:

  • Will
  • Trust
  • Health care directive
  • Power of attorney
  • Conservatorship/guardianship
  • Medicaid/Medicare planning
  • Nursing home strategy
  • Probate guidance

I will work closely with you to address concerns and protect your family’s future.

Resolving Estate And Probate Disputes

I serve to quell stressful estate disputes among family members and, if needed, can use my positive mediation process. I have helped numerous clients find solutions and retain family relationships amidst disagreements. If you are an executor of an estate, I can smoothly guide you through all aspects of the probate process after a loved one dies.

Plan For Your Estate Now

No one wants to think about what will happen after they die, but planning now can help avoid disagreements among loved ones and ensure your wishes are legally documented. Schedule a Michigan estate plan consultation by calling 313-254-3911, or send me a request through this convenient email form. You can depend on me for intelligent legal options that best fit your estate planning needs.