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Resolve Your Legal Issues Amicably Through Mediation

Avoid litigation and resolve your issues amicably with mediation services by Bruce R. Nichols Attorney at Law. I am based in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

It is my aim to improve communication between the disagreeing parties in order to find a suitable means of settling the dispute. I use proven, systematic mediation techniques to isolate the problems and work on settling them. Let me put my experience to work in your dispute to facilitate a lasting settlement. I have completed multiple mediation classes, including advanced mediation seminars, and qualify as a general civil mediator for the Michigan court system. I am an approved mediator for Wayne and Macomb County probate courts.

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Why Mediation?

It is normal procedure for judges to eventually refer a case before them to "alternative dispute resolution" or "facilitation." What the judges are really doing is sending the matter to be mediated. Often, the case has been going on for years. Attorney fees are enormous by that time. The parties are frazzled and frustrated. So why not just start with the mediation process and avoid all that expense and frustration? You will likely end up mediating anyway.

The Many Advantages of Legal Mediation

Mediation presents advantages over going to court in virtually all types of civil cases. The real savings is in cost and time. The result is lower legal fees and less time spent by litigants dealing with the case. If mediation is sought before a case is brought to court, privacy of all of the parties can be maintained.

There are also many emotional advantages as well, including the maintenance of business or personal relationships. Everyone has the chance to be heard in a less emotionally charged atmosphere. This leads to a better chance that the agreement the parties reach will be adhered to. Everyone involved will have an active part in coming up with the solution. All parties will have a real interest in keeping the settlement agreement alive.

Mediation Works

Mediation involves a real effort on behalf of everyone participating. The rewards can be enormous when a settlement is reached, you can maintain the relationship of all the parties involved, and you can save time and money. Most importantly, you can come up with a satisfactory solution and move on.